If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“Dr. Thai is the best dentist that I have been to in my life. Since I’ve lived in Santa Clarita I have been to four dentists, and Dr. Thai and his staff have been the best. I have had regular cleanings and checkups and also had some emergencies. Every time, they have been extremely polite and extremely upfront about the costs. They have worked with me to utilize my insurance and get the most coverage that I can. They have built and modified a care plan for me to address the immediate care that I need and the preventive. Like most patients, I didn’t listen to their advice and have had a couple emergencies that could have been prevented if I listened to Dr. Thai and his staff. Well, needless to say, they took me in right away fixed my problems and never pressured me to do more or told me I told you so. They have built a trust with me that you would like to have from any caregiver. If you are looking for a respectable dentist who puts his patients issues first, then Dr. Thai is the dentist for you. If you are looking for a staff that is kind and courteous, then this is place for you.”
 John S.

“Moving here in the Santa Clarita Valley is a very scary thing. New life, new job, new friends, and new doctors. Dr. Thai and his staff truly made me and my kids feel welcomed. They really made me and my kids at ease with the transition. When we checked in, there was only a ten-minute wait ... which was very much needed due to the new patient registration paperwork. The office had high-tech equipment. When it was my turn to be in the chair, I told Dr. Thai that I was a big baby and hate needles. He was very gentle and made every effort to make things painless. Their office is extremely clean. Staff is fully trained and knowledgable. I highly recommend going here for your dentist needs.”
 Michelle V.

“This is the place to go for pain-free dental work. The removal of a crown and its replacement was completely free of discomfort. Dr. Thai and his specialist assistant Fara Diva answered my every question about the materials and tools they were using. The work was done thoughtfully and efficiently, and every attention was given to my comfort. They were forthcoming about costs. I drive a long way just to have the kind of care they provide. Everyone in the office is friendly and the work atmosphere is very cheerful.”
 Elaine M.

“Going to the dentist is always a dreadful process. The one thing that sets one dentist apart is their skills and gentle hands. Dr. Brandon Thai is one such dentist. Out of all the dentists I’ve ever been to, he’s hands down the best. He’s super detailed but has a very gentle touch, which is why I have made him my dentist for the last 5 years and will continue to go to him for the rest of my life until he retires. Having an ultra-clean office and a super-friendly staff helps ease the dreadful dentist visits as well. I recommend Dr. Thai to everyone!!!”
 Vu D.

“I was referred by a friend and I have to say that this is probably the best dentist in the SCV. The staff is on top of it and the office is usually on schedule. The assistants do excellent work and are really nice. Dr. Thai is an artist with teeth. He does amazing work and their rates are great too. They are willing to give discounts for quick pay (cash/check/credit) and they offer financing. I’ve been here a few times and every time is a great experience. I don’t have any kids, but I’ve seen and heard that they are really great with kids. They are patient and attentive.”
 Jason M.

“Have been coming here for years! Honest, knowledgeable, gentle, and friendly. Dr. Thai takes the time to explain in detail the procedure and makes you feel comfortable throughout the process. Farah is beyond sweet and makes my teeth sparkle. Highly recommend!”
 Jenn K.

“I have to say Dr. Thai is a great dentist. He is gentle, cares about your comfort. He is top notch. His office staff is courteous and very helpful. If you have an appointment, they take you within ten minutes, which is unheard of. I would refer Bouquet Smile Dental to take care of all of your dental needs.”
 Cindy D.

“After four hours of root canal because my tooth was so infected, I don’t think many dentists could have gotten me through it. Dr. Thai was so professional and sensitive to my terror. His staff was also the best. My first time there and I’ll never go anywhere else. I admit that I am dentist-phobic but he and his staff made me comfortable from the minute I arrived. After seeing the X-rays, I don’t know how he did it without causing me any real pain.”
 Rosemary M.

“It has been more than 15 years since I have had a great dentist office experience. I have tried many local SCV dentists and have been very disappointed. But I am happy to share that my recent experience taking my family of four to Dr. Brandon Thai at Bouquet Smile Dental has been a blessing and has exceeded my expectations. Everyone in my family, including my children, needed some form of dental work, from fillings to crowns, and each and every visit has been as pain-free and efficient as possible. No one wants to spend more time than they have to at the dentist and this office is the most organized and efficient I have ever visited. They are on time and fast, not sacrificing quality.

“The best part of visiting Bouquet Smile Dental is the TLC. Dr. Thai and all of the staff treat us like family and are very gentle. My youngest son did not feel the shot and did not complain about any type of discomfort. While I chose the most expensive crown (Zirconia) and it was not covered by my insurance, I was happy to have something of the highest quality that will last a lifetime, and I am grateful for the small discount the doctor extended to me. It looks like a real tooth and enhances my smile more so than my old crown that was improperly fitted by another SCV dentist.

“From the bottom of my heart, I thank the staff at Bouquet Smile Dental. YOU ARE THE BEST DENTAL OFFICE IN SANTA CLARITA, as far as we are concerned.”
 Queen R.

“Wow. I had the best dental experience of my life today. I actually said that this evening to someone at Trader Joe’s and they stopped me to get Dr. Brandon’s info because, as he said, ‘nobody ever says that.’ And it was a crown I had done to boot! In a word or two: excellence and confidence. Highly recommended.”
 David H.

“I must say I was terrified of dentists until I met Dr. Thai and his staff!! I avoided dentists for the better part of 15 years until I had a dental emergency!! Dr. Thai and his amazing team of dental assistants came to my immediate aid and took care of me in the most gentle, sensitive, and caring way, relieving me of pain that dropped me to my knees!! I had acquired many issues due to years of neglect that required much attention, and through it all not one ounce of pain ... not one! As of today I keep regular appointments and look forward to my visits. Every time I have walked into this office, I have been greeted by name and with a smile, the assistants treat me like I’m family, the office manager Sarah treats me like we have known each other all our lives, and Dr. ˙hai is the most gentle, patient dentist imaginable. I will never go anywhere else and I recommend this practice to you and your entire family!!! Yes, even the nervous children, you would not believe how well I’ve seen them comfort a child who was scared. They really go all out above and beyond!!! Thank you, Dr. Thai and staff for all you do! Bouquet Smile Dental sets a standard of care that makes the standards of care at any other office absolutely unacceptable! I believe you and your family should expect and require the level of treatment I receive here. See Dr. Thai and smile again. I did.”
 Keith C.

“I searched and searched for a good and reputable children’s dentist in Santa Clarita for my insurance, and boy, did I find one. It is a beautiful and clean office. The staff are positive, and professional, and happy. Dr Thai knows what he is doing and does it well. My daughter’s front teeth had been impacted and so grew in as little stubs. Dr. Thai built them up with bonding so she has a gorgeous smile now. You cannot tell that they are not real teeth. He took so much care in the details of forming the teeth. No more hiding her teeth in pictures now.”
 Christy L.

“Dr. Thai and his staff were absolutely amazing when it came to cleaning, filling cavities, and bleaching my teeth for my wedding. My prior experiences with other dentists have been painful. I have seen him a total of about six times within the past few years. Dr. Thai was very gentle, patient, professional, and did a thorough job. I have really sensitive teeth and gums, so it helps to have a good dentist. In addition, the prices for dental services are reasonable, although I did not mind paying more for an effective and pretty painless experience. Bottom line ... I’ll never have to look for another dentist after seeing Dr. Thai. He’s great and his staff are incredibly helpful. :) You’ll have no regrets.”
 Nikki L.

“Dr. Thai made my fear of the dentist go away. I was very scared at first because I have been traumatized in the past, but I had nothing to be afraid of. He is so gentle and nice, and he is a perfectionist. He does great dental work. And the office is so clean. I have no complaints. His staff is very friendly and helpful. I have recommended this office to all my friends and family. It’s very hard to find a great dentist but now that I have, I’m not going anywhere else.”
 Megan T.